How to Clean Tile Grout with a Dishwasher Tablet

A simple dishwasher tablet gives brilliant results when used to clean tile grout. I used it on the grouting immediately behind my oven. In this area, it is easy to wipe over the tiles but the grouting can become stained with greasy deposits from cooking. But there is no need to spend out on expensive cleaning products or take a lot of time over the job of restoring the whiteness to your tile grout! My video demonstrates the great results achieved in just five minutes.

Here are the step-by-step instructions.Equipment You Will Need For Cleaning Tile Grout Rubber Gloves, Small bowl for dissolving the dishwater tablet in water Hot Water Toothbrush or similar stiff bristled small brush to get right into the grouting Soft clean cloth and warm water to rinse cleanHow To Clean Your Tile Grouting 1. First, put on your rubber gloves, remove the dishwasher tablet from its plastic wrap and place into your small bowl. 2. Pour on just enough water to soften the tablet.

Once it has been in the water for a few moments, you can use your brush to break it down and make it into a watery paste. 3. Use your toothbrush or similar brush to work this solution into the grouting. Leave in place for about five minutes on lightly stained grout and for up to fifteen minutes in heavily stained areas. 4. You can prevent any cleaning solution running down the back of fixtures or onto the floor by placing a cloth or old towel against the bottom of the area where you are working.

5. Once the required time has elapsed, remove the dishwasher tablet solution using a soft clean cloth and warm water. If you are not happy with the result and staining is still present, repeat from step 3 above.Which Dishwasher Tablet Brand is Best For Cleaning Tile Grout? There is no best brand! I have tried a few and they all seem to perform as well as each other. In fact, the more basic, the better. Don’t pay extra for the ones with the built-in rinse aid, it won’t get your grouting any cleaner!

Look for a brand that has 5%-15% Oxygen based Bleaching Agents and more than 30% Phosphates.Can I Use Liquid Dishwasher Tabs To Clean My Tile Grouting? Yes, follow the same steps as above except that you just need to snip open the plastic coating of the tablet and pour the contents direct into the bowl. Use this straight, there is no need to dilute it first.A Word About Dishwasher Tablet Safety Dishwasher tablets make a great job of getting grouting white again.

However, you should be aware that the ingredients can irritate skin so wearing rubber gloves is strongly advised. In addition, you should be very careful to avoid getting any of the dishwasher tablet solution in your eyes. If this does occur, flush copiously with cold water and seek medical advice.

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