Tablet Review iPad 3 vs The Kindle Fire

It doesn’t need saying that the iPad and the Kindle are completely different competitors in the tablet market, and whilst one is predominantly specialising in the “e-reading” field, the other is more or less an “all round powerhouse” of high technology and capability. However, for many people the potential that the iPad holds is completely unnecessary for the purpose that they will use an electronic tablet. Especially, with the extremely pricey set-point of the iPad at $500-$700 for the WiFi version alone, and $600 – $800 for the 3G/4G versions of the device.

Although, the more limited capabilities and potential presented by the Kindle do not match up to some users wants from their tablet, and therefore they are more willing to invest in the slightly more extravagant technology presented by the iPad. Needless to say the unlimited range of iPad Apps that the Apple App Store has to offer! But, before making any finalised decision on either of the devices, you should take a look at the factors which will define the choice of your next tablet.

Specifications. Straight off the bat, the Kindle Fire comes standard with a 7 inch screen alongside a 1,024 by 600 resolution, whilst the iPad has a stunning 9.7 inch retina screen display with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536. The size difference between the two devices is beyond noticeable, and the quality of the screens in terms of brightness, contrast and pixelation are phenomenal to say the least. Another noticeable factor on the iPad is its weight compared to the Kindle fire.

At 1.4 pounds (around 23 ounces), the iPad weighs almost twice as much as the Kindle at 14 ounces. In terms of disk space capacity, the kindle fire is only available in its 8GB model, whilst the iPad varies all the way from 16GB to 64GB models. However, neither of the two devices offers the ability to add extra usage space through a micro SD port, which for the kindle’s minute size of just 8GB may cause problems for some users.

For the tablet users who are looking to take images on their travels, unfortunately they will not be able to take that “bank shot” with the kindle fire, as it nor supports any camera function or hosts one on the device itself. However, the iPad includes both a front and rear facing camera, which is 5MP for the rear and VGA for the front. The iPad also supports 1080p high definition video capture that the kindle fire could not even scratch to compete with.

(The Apple store also has some iPad apps, which allow you to be more creative with the two cameras, and assist users to script, plot and film a series of short movies.) Finally, the iPad supports networks from 4G networks to Wi-Fi networks, whilst the Kindle is fixed at only supporting Wi-Fi networks. This is one of the key aspects of the iPad which gives it its edge over the kindle, as it is superior in the way of networking!

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