Is a Kindle a Good Gift for a Book Lover

Book Lovers Should Love Ereaders – Right? I’m a voracious reader. Maybe you know one too? Maybe you think that the best gift you could buy for the book lover in your life is a Kindle? My husband had the same bright idea of buying me a Kindle Wifi since I am so obviously a book lover, but he couldn’t have been more wrong with this gift! Having noted that my head is often engrossed in a book my dear husband logically thought that an e-book reader would create whoops of joy, smiles and happiness all round – yet it has only made me feel guilty, and him disappointed.

The Story of My Kindle Wifi This (very) short story begins with a man armed with an idea, his credit card, and a laptop. Off he went to Amazon to buy me a Kindle – the most perfect gift that I could ever have, he thought. Having wrapped it lovingly it was presented it to me on the morning of our anniversary. Unwrapping the gift was exciting and even seeing what was inside was exciting….for a while. I’d never seen an ereader in real life, never held one in my hands, never touched the cold hard plastic of such a device.

Seeing that I had a smile on my face a look of satisfaction crossed his face. Happy that he had indeed bought the ideal gift for a book lover such as myself, he left me to play with my new toy….and that’s when the “fun” began.Playing, Setting Up & Navigating Was OK Turning the Kindle around in my hands, my initial reaction was that it felt odd, strange in some way I couldn’t put my finger on. However, I continued with an open mind and spent some time getting used to the navigation system (which is pretty much like the same as an old style mobile phone), and it was surprisingly intuitive.

Very, very easy – I’m sure even the technologically challenged would soon be zipping their way around the device without any problems. I set up my Kindle Wifi (which was easy to do BTW, since we have an internet wifi connection at home), and after connecting to my Amazon account I downloaded my first “book”. Sitting down to read from my new device I quickly got used to using the buttons that turn the “pages” and even quite liked the fact that there was no licking of fingers involved.

All well and good, but I still couldn’t shake the oddness of holding this thing in my hands. It just didn’t feel right.Then My Kindle Wifi Became Very Annoying… Not only was I simply missing the feel of a real book in my hands, it’s lack of “real book” functionality started to really irk me. Why oh why do people love these Kindle things so much? Cross Referencing. No Go. The first thing that annoyed me about my Kindle Wifi was that flipping back and forth to find specific pages is not quick or easy.

The e-book I’d happened to buy was a reference book related to my work.

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