Amazon s Kindle Worlds A Potentially Failed Attempt At Monetizing Fanfiction

The Concept Of Kindle Worlds Late-spring of 2013, Amazon made an announcement about the concept of monetizing fan fiction as a means to make money. This medium of called “Kindle Worlds.” Royalties of such works submitted to and accepted by Kindle Worlds would be split between the authors of the works and the original creator/authors of those same works. To avoid problems in the future, Amazon had laid out very strict ground rules for any work to be considered for submission. The entire concept of fan fiction revolved around this one rule: you cannot make money of it.

This is understandable; it is akin to fan-made videos in which the makers are not allowed to profit off the work. It’s because that these works are derived from actual licensed works. Trying to profit off of those works infringes on copyrights. Amazon has acquired the licenses of such works like “Gossip Girl,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and so forth. You can look at the full list on Amazon’s Kindle Worlds website. Licenses have been acquired from Alloy Entertainment and Valiant Entertainment for notable works.

Currently, Amazon is actively trying to acquire more licenses in the future. In short, Amazon is using Kindle Worlds to pay you for your works of fan fiction. Amazon holds the rights to the stories that the authors submit; but, the authors and original creators would be getting the royalties. Royalties can be between 20 to 35 percent depending on how many words the submitted work contains. There are strict ground rules that authors need to follow before their works can be considered for submission: No pornographic material is allowed for submission.

That means your work is not allowed to have any graphic sex scene of any kind. That’s understandable as you are submitting actual literature and not something that should be sent to the Penthouse forums. No offensive content is allowed. Nothing with excessive violence and/or profanity will be allowed in any works for submission. That also includes material that supports the spread of hate and intolerance.

Works submitted to Kindle Worlds must not infringe upon copyrights. All works submitted must have proper format if they are to be considered for submission. Excessive product placement is prohibited. Crossovers are strictly prohibited. Everything seems to be sound in theory and writing; but, in practical application, Kindle Worlds is doomed for failure. Give or take a couple of years, Kindle Worlds could prove to be not profitable in the future. For anybody that truly understands the world of fan fiction, Kindle Worlds will most likely be a monetary failure in a couple of years.

Amazon has seemingly overlooked many crucial factors when dealing with the craft of fan fiction. Fan fiction sites have become popular off the sole fact that they haven’t tried to profit off the works. On top of that, if they did, there would be legal troubles heading their way. Reasons that concepts like Kindle Worlds will never work in the long run: One: The Rules, To A Limited Extent: While the rules should not be problematic in application, there are a couple of rules that will turn off many writers from Kindle Worlds.

The final rule could be a turn off to many writers as crossovers are popular in the world of fan fiction.

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