How to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon s Kindle

If you’ve written a book, you want to get it published. And whether that book is fiction or non-fiction, short or long, now you can quickly and comprar ebook kindle easily publish it yourself. No more waiting on the whims of editors and agents: just dive straight in and do it! I was asked to edit a book about getting published via Amazon’s Kindle, so I tried it myself. I uploaded comprar tablets online two of my own non-fiction books, namely Beat Writer’s Block and The Article Writer’s Companion. It was remarkably easy to do because the books were already written.

All I had to do was to follow Amazon’s instructions and create a couple of covers. Here’s how it works.Creating Your Amazon Kindle Ebook Before you can sell your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle, you need to create it. That means putting it into the correct format for the Kindle. You’ll find all the instructions about Building Your Book for Kindle by visiting Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Help Page. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll need to do: 1.

Save your file in Word as a DOC file, not DOCX or TXT. 2. Check the layout, page breaks and image placement. 3. Edit for grammar and spelling. 4. Create the Front Matter, which can include a Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication, Preface and Prologue. 5. Format text and paragraphs so they’re Kindle ready. 6. Create your Table of Contents, Guide Items and Back Matter, and then save the file in Web Page, Filtered HTML format. 7. Use Amazon’s Mobipocket Creator to turn your file into an uploadable ebook.

Once you’ve finished that, go to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing page to create an account. If you already have an Amazon account it won’t take long to get registered. Answer a few questions regarding tax information and preferred payment method, and you’ll be able to upload your book there and then. It can take up to 48 hours for your book to appear online, but if you’ve done everything right it might be quicker than that.Selling Your Amazon Kindle Ebook Your ebook is published, online, and is available for sale across the globe.

That’s fantastic — but now what do you do? Your ebook won’t sell itself, will it? You want people to buy it and read it. You want it to spread your reputation far and wide. You want to be able to let as many people know about your published works as you can, and you want those published works to earn you some money. Amazon provides its own tips for what it calls “merchandising” your book, which you’ll find in the self-publishing help topics.

Once your book is uploaded you’ll be asked to set a selling price, based on the length and nature of your book.

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