Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace

In the past few years, we have seen a revolution in the publishing industry. For the longest time, to become a published author you needed to spend countless hours submitting manuscripts to the various publishing houses throughout the country. If you were lucky, after a few years one of the gatekeepers of published content would grudgingly publish your book. Decisions were made not on the quality of the book or how intriguing the manuscript but on the size of the profit margin the publishing house expected from the manuscript.

But not la mejor tablet para jugar today. Due to the technological revolution, anyone can have their work published. E-books are on their way to replacing the budget paperbacks that were often found in grocery stores and supermarkets. Likewise, the advent of print on demand (POD) publishing has allowed individuals to publish novels and nonfiction books that the big boys of publishing wouldn’t mejor tablet 10 pulgadas touch. While some argue this has allowed some absolute trash to be published (and I have seen some real garbage out there), I like the idea that the reader gets to decide what is a good or bad novel, not some third party.

In this article, I will talk about my experience publishing my novel Escape to Freedom. I published the novel in both e-book and paperback form. The e-book was published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), while the paperback was published through CreateSpace. Both of these companies essentially allowed me to publish my book free of cost, save for the cost of editing, cover design, and marketing. First thing that I will like to point out when self-publishing novel is that you will do all the work yourself.

Now, that may mean you sub out some of the work to experts, or that may mean you do every single thing yourself (something that I do not recommend). In either case, it is important to remember that in self-publishing, if something goes wrong it is all on you. I’m not going to talk about the process of writing the novel; that is another story on another subject for another time. But I would like to speak briefly about editing.

Many people believe that they can self edit. Even more believe that their buddy who is a high school English teacher can do the editing. Let me be quite frank; both of these are absolute no-nos. You need someone who is a professional editor, which will cost you money. There are lots of freelance editors out there, some are extremely expensive some not so. If you have other friends who are authors, I would suggest talking to them about who they would recommend.

Odesk and Elance are also good places to look for editors; in fact the editors that I have used in the past were both originally hired through Odesk. Just be careful when you’re on these websites, as you will find bad editors as well as good.

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