Top Budget Value Tablets Under 150 for the Money 2013 2014

If you are in the market for a new tablet, you are probably already aware of the convenience that it can bring your life. These little electronic devices are portable, easier to use than small smart phones, keep kids entertained as kindle precio well as you while traveling or waiting at doctors’ offices. We made the mistake of just buying whatever random tablet that was on sale. Though it worked for our family for the most part, there were some essential things that I wish I knew before I had bought our first one.

What Operating System works for you? The first thing you must keep in mind is what operating system you want to work with. Think of this like your telephone, Android users might feel completely alien using Apple’s iOS, and vice versa. Other operating systems consist of blackberry and HP. There are even some that run on Microsoft Windows 7. Whatever you are used to is what I recommend, unless you are open to learning a new system.How big of a screen do you actually need?

The screen size will be important depending on what you want to use it for. If you want to watch movies and videos, getting a bigger screen will be much nicer. However, if all you want to do is play games and surf the Internet, a mid sized screen will work just fine around 7 inches. I suggest finding one that is at least 9 inches if you will be using it for lots of media. Along with screen size you should consider resolution as well, especially if you want to watch movies and videos.

Sometimes you will have to look at detailed specifications to find out the exact resolution. The higher the resolution, the sharper image will be. For HD movies, it is advised that you get a resolution of at least 720 pixels.How to Connect to the Internet with tablets? Are you going to want to show your family vacation pictures on your large TV screen? Buying one that gives you an HDMI connection is essential if this is your desire.

All tablets come with wireless connectivity however there are many that offer you 3G or 4G cell phone connectivity. You should be aware though that to use this technology, you will need some kind of data plan. Keep in mind that some tablets only give you 802.11b/g specification for wireless connection. If you will be streaming a lot of videos or downloading a lot of content, this might not be adequate for you; I suggest getting 0802.

11n specification.Features You Will Find in a Tablet Under $150 Camera I personally don’t use my tablet to take pictures, and I could have saved money if I have opted for one without the camera. However, if you would like to snap pics look for one that has a dual camera that is for fun selfies, or for video calling. If you talk to family and friends long distance, using your tablet for video calling can be much nicer than the small screen on your smartphone.

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