Are Multivitamin Tablets Harmful Pros and Cons of Taking Multivitamins

You don’t like the smell of your food, sick of eating fruit and vegetables, and the nutritious whole-wheat bread is not as good as a nice fat hoagie roll. Sugary juices place higher on your list than fresh fruit, bacon and hash browns for your morning meal. If your idea of the four basic food groups is pan-fried, with lots of butter, sweet and salty, then you should read this hub post. You think you’ve got it all well in hand because of that nice looking capsule better known as multivitamin.

You take it regularly without fail. It claims right on the package that it will give everything you need, why then worry about a well-balanced diet, right? Not so fast. Although multivitamins are important, they are not for everyone and it can lead to more health problems than benefits.Taking the right multivitamin tablets with a balanced diet The “one-tablet-a-day” multivitamin was introduced to American consumers 60 years ago and until now has turn out to be a necessary routine for millions of adults and children every day.

Most multivitamins contain 10 vitamins and 10 minerals to supplement your diet, which equals to the daily recommended amount, aside from calcium, which is quite big to pack into a capsule. Multivitamins promise to help boost immune system and prevent the risk of some chronic diseases like colon cancer and heart disease. They can, to some degree, but a number of current research show that many of these vitamins aren’t all made for everyone. Multivitamins are considered an alternative way to help supplement a diet for people who don’t generally have time to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

But the majority of health experts admit that a multivitamin is not a substitute for a good, healthy and balanced diet. In fact, choosing a healthy and balanced diet, you simply have no need for a multivitamin, and definitely could be getting the natural nutrients you need – especially considering many foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fortifying your diet with the essential vitamins is usually a better approach if you’re an active and conscious eater. The key is selecting the right multivitamins that meet your needs.

There are supplements for children, adult men and women, women planning to have a baby, women currently pregnant or lactating and people over 50 years old. There are multivitamins essentially for vegetarians. Certain vitamins tablet android barata claim to boost energy or help weight loss, however be cautious – their effects are not clinically tested. Consuming the right amount of food that will provide the recommended daily value (DV) of essential nutrients your body needs can be done, but its not easy.

Monitoring your food intake is highly suggested. If you have a very hectic schedule, there will be some hassle doing so, in which case a multivitamin may be taken to provide your nutritional needs.

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