Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet

There are really a lot of good things to be said about this tablet! Google keeps the Android OS updated automatically, so you never have to wonder if it is out of date. It runs apps with ease – even apps I see other tablet users saying their systems have trouble running. The powerful quad core processor doesn’t lag out under intense usage, such as streaming video. The 7 inch display is HD, so everything you see is crisp and beautifully colored.

The screen size makes it big enough to be comfortable to view, and keeps the tablet light enough to hold for long periods of time. If you make use of Google services, this tablet is perfect for you! Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and Google+ are already loaded on the tablet when you get it. Google Play is also preloaded and takes only a touch to get to – making it easy to find all the coolest apps! It is also very easy to switch between apps, and the scrollable on-screen app history makes it easy to find the web page you were looking at earlier.

Great for peeking at game hints/tips while playing! The Google voice entry feature is easy to use, and the on-screen keyboard is great! The word suggestions are highly intuitive and help reduce typing dramatically.The Bad There isn’t much that’s “bad” about this tablet. So far, the only problems I’ve encountered were brand specific. For example, the Google Nexus 7 doesn’t run some of the Kindle Fire HD apps – but these apps were written specifically for the Kindle OS. There’s no HDMI out, and there’s no way to add additional memory.

The first item is a nicety. It doesn’t affect the performance. No SD card slot means you have to sync and store items on a computer, or have cloud storage space for them – when you finally fill up the generous 32GB capacity.The Ugly There is nothing ugly about this sleek, light tablet computer with a 7″ HD screen. In fact, it really looks pretty cool, even when it’s off!What I Really Like About My Nexus This tablet has a great battery!!! The battery lasts all day (more than 8 hours) even with very heavy use.

This is a great all day use item! I have noticed that graphics intensive games such as jewels and mahjong will eat the battery rapidly, but I’ve been able to stream video for hours with it. TIP: Turn your Nexus 7 off while it is charging to help it recharge much more quickly! The keyboard is pretty intuitive, making typing much faster than on any other type of this device I have used. It’s been extremely easy to use! The keyboard is large enough to avoid typing errors.