Compare Tablet PCs In Plain English iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab vs BlackBerry PlayBook

In the world of technology and innovation, it seems like if we just watch Apple, the world will follow. This is what’s happening right now. With the introduction of the iPad, every major manufacturer is jumping on the bandwagon for a share of the tablet PC pie. Just what is a tablet PC? A tablet PC is a slate style computer that relies mainly on touch inputs instead of buttons. When most people think of mp3 players, they think of iPods. Apple is leading the market and if they are successful, they might turn the word “tablet” into “iPad”.

That is, unless Samsung and RIM(BlackBerry) have anything to say about it. Can the Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook take on the iPad?The iPad is quickly becoming synonymous with tablets. How can Samsung and BlackBerry compete? First, lets take a look at the iPad and draw some insightful conclusions. First Tablet To most people, the iPad is a “magical” innovation. The first of its kind. In reality, tablet PCs are nothing new. In fact, the first commercial tablet PC was available in 1989.

It was called the “GriDPad” made by GriD Systems. One could appreciate Apple for using its marketing powers to propel the tablet PC into the mainstream. The other side is spiteful towards Apple for taking credit for something that has already existed. Fanboyism aside, the iPad and tablet are here and wouldn’t be popular today without Apple.iPad Overview The iPad is a 9.7-inch LED tablet with accelerometer, ambient light sensor, digital compass, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

3G models will have GPS and cellular service. All iPads have the same 1GHz A4 processor and 256 MB of RAM. The only difference is the 3G and storage space. You can choose from 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of flash memory. One odd thing that is missing on the iPad is a camera. One if the highlights of the iPhone 4 is its front facing camera and Face Time. This cool feature is not possible with the iPad. The lack of a camera is a big deal in my opinion. With the iPad, consuming media is excellent.

Video is smooth. Music is flawless. Viewing pictures is sublime. Now when it comes to sharing pictures, you will need a camera dongle. Bad move. Tablets are, in some ways, direct competitors to netbooks. All netbooks have cameras. Not putting a camera on the iPad is a “WTF?” move on Apple. Apple is not exactly known for their “value”. By skipping on basic standards like a camera, Apple shoots itself in the foot.

Even the cheapest cell phones today have cameras. It also doesn’t help that the iPad’s two main competitors, the Galaxy Tab and the PlayBook, both have front and rear cameras.Apple Woes Many people have problems with the iPad using proprietary connectors. Apple is known to do this on most of their products. They use proprietary connectors to close up their platform. This makes things inconvenient for consumers who already have many USB wires.

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