Cool things to do with your Kindle

Reading books from Amazon is what most people use the Kindle for, what many people don’t know is all the other really cool things that you can use your Kindle for. The Kindle is a great e book reader, and Amazon makes it very easy and convenient to get and read books from them. If that is all you want to use the Kindle for, you won’t be disappointed, but there is so much more that you can do with the Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, read my hub on if you should get a Kindle and why you should get a Kindle.

Free books The best place for free books is on Amazon itself. Go to the Kindle store free page, scroll down to the Kindle store limited time offer and thousands of popular classic links in the middle of the page. If you want to read the classics, there are just under 16,000 listings on the site, all free. Many of the books that you have read or wanted to read over the years are here free. On this Amazon link, the books are searchable by category from the links on the left side.

The limited time offers link takes you to special offers from Amazon that they have going at that time. Some of these offers last a very short time, some a long time. Pick a book that you think sounds interesting, read the description and read the reviews from readers. When you find a book you would like to read, buy the book for the special price or free. Always look at the list below that says, others who bought this book, also bought these.

There is a great blog that you can get emails from daily that will tell you the new free books at Amazon, some days there are 3 books, some days there are 50.Free ebooks is a site to get a good number of free books that I’ve found very useful. You pay a one time membership to get access to all the books for life. Pick the books in the Mobi pocket format to read on your Kindle. Obooko is another great site with lots of free ebooks.

Most of the books on Obooko are in PDF format. Kindle handles PDF’s very easily but there are some options dealing with PDF’s read below. Scrbd is another site with many thousands of books available. Scribd used to have all of their books free, many now are not free, make sure you’re getting the whole book if you don’t want to buy it before you start reading, many are still free. Online Christian library A good selection of Christian books in PDF format that are free to download.

Bibliotastic is another site with many good free books that are mostly self published. Create an account and you can download Kindle ready books from the site, no charge.

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