E reader reviews kindle paperwhite vs nook glowlight vs kobo glo

Thinking of buying an e reader? Here we will compare and review Kindle, Kobo and Nook e readers. If answer to above question is yes,then you are going to make an investment and it would be wise to spend a couple of minutes to decide which one is best for you.I love using e readers for reading novels, newspapers and other stuff. The e readers are very handy as compared to the bulky books. As everyone has different requirements, likes and budgets so we will try to answer which e reader would be best for you and where to get that e reader at the best price in the end.

Will it kindle or nook or kobo? comprar tablet barata Here is the e reader that I use For me this is the best pic among all the e readers, I have been using this e reader for over a year and I absolutely love using it You can have a look at the above link( it opens in a new window). I am quite satisfied with it as it suits my needs and budget. As everyone has different needs and budget so it is best that you choose the thing that suits your needs. We have made comparison of all the above mentioned e readers.

So let us see which one could be the best for you, lets go!E readers vs Tablets Wait yet before we pounce in the comparison discussion,here i want to point that mostly people are not clear about the difference between an e reader and a tablet. It is important to clearify which thing you require or you will land up with something inappropriate. Lets see: E reader: They offer e-ink technology monochrome display which is ideal for reading for long periods without getting any eye strain.

They offer battery life upto many weeks.They are not good to surf web.They do not allow video playback.They are light and portable enough (8 ounces or less).They are cheaper than tablets. Tablets: They offer back-lit lcd colour display with battery life only few hours.They cannot be used for reading for long time and doing so may cause eye strain.They are ideal enough to surf web.They offer good video playback.

They are less portable and are heavier.They are costlier as compared to any standard e reader.Now it is appropriate to start our comparison between the various e readers available in the market. Don’t forget to see the poll at the end and do participate in it to tell the world what you like the most.Style,Design and Size Kindle: The standard kindle wins over others as it is the lightest but the kindle keyboard on the contrary is the heaviest.

There are no physical page turn buttons rather just swipe.They offer easy reach tap zones and single handed use.Alike others kindles also have soft touch back.The standard kindle is the smallest but the kindle keyboard is the largest but surprisingly it is the thinnest. Nook: Not only there are well placed page turn buttons but there is also page swipe feature(users can set whether top or bottom button will advance the pages).

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