Google Nexus 7 still Best Value Tablet in 2014

There is no new Google Nexus 7 for 2014. So, is the second generation device, launched last year, still a good choice for tablet lovers? You can check out the rivals, read the comparisons and also get a sort of mid-term report on what it has been like to live with the Nexus 7 for the last six months. I can you immediately that there are features of the device that really need some improvement. I can also tell you that it is a device that is hard not to like. But First!

Just to deal with that old, old complaint about every seven inch tablet.Steve Jobs once famously said that 7 inch tablets were ‘dead on arrival’ and ‘too small to compete with an iPad… too big to compete with a smartphone’. That is a tough put down to recover from. Is there any truth in it?Conclusive Proof: iPad too Big, Nexus 7, Perfect I am taking a hard line on this. There is only one possible conclusion.

The iPad hates pockets. This means it could never be considered truly portable. Not by this user anyway. The idea that I have to take a bag and load it with stuff every time I go out for a coffee is just absurd. For me a 12 inch tablet is the choice for your home. If you want a tablet that likes a walk, choose the seven inch. And this is why the iPad mini snuck onto the scene, of late: Apple knows when they got something wrong.

The Nexus 7 slips into any kind of sensible pocket. Not even a hammer will locate an iPad in anything smaller than a pillow case.A Few Things to Hate about the Google Nexus 7 It may be the right size if you like to travel light, but that does not mean the overall design is perfect. Two issues, especially, leap out at you. It is a slab of blackness. The buttons could be easier to find.How Elusive can a Seven Inch Tablet Be?

Google designers obviously believe less is more. Less color plus less signage = coolness. If you have ever seen the film ‘2001;A Space Odyssey’, you will know all about the mysterious black monolith that apes go crazy over. The Nexus 7 could be a stunt double for that monolith . If you make the mistake of laying it on a dark surface it could be weeks before you find it again. Below is a picture of the device leaning against my ancient desktop, with a (not especially bright) Kindle standing next to it.

Which device makes itself known? Which is the ninja assassin?Which Way Up is It? Probably the most annoying part of the black slab design is that you cannot tell which way up your device is. Which makes comprar tablet baratas online it hard to find the buttons that switch it on and off. Of course, both the front and rear cameras are at the top of the screen and that will help. But only if you can spot them. In normal interior light, you will need to gaze deep into the blackness and it is not easy.

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