Is the Kindle Better than Real Books

When I first wrote this article I was not sure that Kindle, and other eBook readers would rule the world and destroy the traditional print and publishing industry. A year later and I am convinced of that. The electronic delivery method for reading material is so convenient – to buy and consume – that the idea of physical books will in my opinion seem so old fashioned in another few years. Not only that, but the model for publishing can, will, and has changed as a result of no print run required publishing.

No costly investments in new authors – put their text into a digital form, minimal marketing and crossed fingers. No risk or danger to those ever shrinking margins as publishers are threatened by self-publishing and physical booksellers continue to close due to internet competition. But why would you want one? I will try to tell you in the rest of this article…Introducing The Kindle So what does this piece of electronics do?

The Kindle is a lightweight electronic book reader. Now that doesn’t sound too exciting until you consider the possiblities. That is kind of the point of this article. How about storing a few thousand books in a single slim (and classy) container? This is not a laptop screen, bit tiring on the eyes, alright for browsing but not for reading a book. It’s a different type of technology. That’s why the battery lasts for weeks, not hours without getting hot.

It’s why it is lighter than a paperback and you can read it in direct sunlight. A Travelling Library Travel to work? Go on holiday? Ever get stuck anywhere – airport, motel? Want something to read on holiday, in office breaks, on the subway? Your Kindle can store 3,500 books. Ok, if they are all War and Peace then maybe less, but let’s not get bogged down. It’s a LOT of books OK! That means you can always have a selection of reading material with you, anywhere you go.

You can take stuff you might read but don’t expect to. It doesn’t weigh any more, but it gives you options. On vacation take the childrens favourites too. It might keep the little darlings occupied for a while. That’s if you let them anywhere near your stuff! Joking apart, it might also help their reading – it’s tech, it’s cool. Where to buy the Kindle You can buy it from Amazon – there are a couple of links further down this page.

I don’t think it is available from elsewhere, because this is very much an Amazon product. No doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Update: The Kindle is certainly now available from UK stores like Tesco. It is mainstream. Normally, you might be a bit worried about being ripped off from a single supplier – I don’t think this is the case with the Amazon Kindle. I think, but obviously don’t know for sure – that Amazon sell this product – not looking to make huge money out of the initial sale – but from the subsequent tie in to their electronic book sales.

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