How To Revive Your Amazon Kindle Ebook Sales

Your sales are slowing down, ring the alarm! Well, not quite yet. Let’s find the problem before we get all worked up about it. Is it the summer time? Are we sitting on a date around a major holiday? Relax, a lull in sales is completely normal in these times. People buy a lot more eBooks in the Winter, picture your potential customer in front of a fireplace, with a beautiful snowy landscape outside. This is when people read. Maybe not exactly, but you get what I mean.

If it is not one of those times, or you just came out of one of those time frames and sales are still declining, it is most definitely a different variable other than the weather. The problem, is we are often dealing with compounding variables. So, it can be difficult to identify your problem. Realistically, ot probably has something to do with your cover, description, or content. Try to come out with new writing semi-frequently.

Try to create a “series” of sorts, especially for Fiction eBooks, this keeps you in your customers face and helps them remember you exist. This way, they will keep buying your eBooks. I hope you are publishing your eBooks to Smashwords in addition to the Kindle store. When your sales slow, create a coupon on Smashwords. This can be done on your dashboard. Give this coupon to people on your e-mail list, tweet it to your followers, and post it on your blog.

Make sure they know the coupon will only be available for a small period of time such as 48 hours. You can also offer this coupon to people in exchange for a review of the eBook, or a coupon for something like “buy one eBook gift another to a friend for free.” Many people try to give away free copies of their eBook in order to stimulate sales. This does not always translate into higher sales, but sometimes it does.

A better strategy though, would be to lower the price of your eBook. It should originally be under $5 if you are an unknown fiction author, $2.99 seems like a sweet spot. You can try a flash sale of selling copies for 24-48 hours for only $.99. The word of mouth promotion you will get from these customers will make this tactic worth it. Think about it, your going up the sales rankings, which is putting your title in peoples faces, and in turn you should be generating more reviews, which are important on Amazon.