Pros and Cons of Enrolling In the Kindle Select Program

Kindle Direct Program and Self-Publishing Your Book Having an e-book is the new norm for self-publishers. The Kindle Select Program, offered for self-published comprar tablet apple book, is something you will have to consider carefully for your soon to be published book, but you will have to consider what your future readers will read with, and in this case, the Kindle comprar libros electronicos Direct Publishing program. What are the pros and cons of the Kindle Select Program?

Answering this question will go a long way to earning you money, and this should be done only after using a professional editor (someone who not only goes over your content, but shows you how to improve your writing.) Then you go and find a self-publishing company. There are many out there, so don’t be scared to ask as many questions as you need. It is the format that you will have to consider, for example, if you self-publish you can decide to only publish your book in a paperback format.

This is your choice but another format is the e-book. This has become more of a publishing choice. One of the e-book readers out there is the Kindle and they have a place called the Kindle Direct Program. This program is meant for self-publishers, or independent publishers to submit their e-books to. Kindle also has a program which you can enroll your newly uploaded e-book to. On the surface, Kindle Select this is a great choice for many writers, but it isn’t for everyone, and this is true for many niche writers.

The Basics of the Kindle Select Program Before you can get into the Kindle Select Program is this, while you are enrolled in this, you can and cannot do a few things. The idea of the Select program is that you will only have your book on the amazon websites which sell Kindle e-books. You cannot put your e-book on any other place. This also includes your websites and blogs. You cannot direct people to your e-book through your blog, but this does not mean you cannot promote your paperback books on your blogs or websites.

The one you are not allowed to promote is the Kindle edition, some will argue you can but this is an area when the TOS do state you can have 5 days of promotion on amazon for free (as in people can “buy” your e-book for free). You are allowed– if you do not re-enroll– to begin to market your e-book anywhere you choose after the 90 day contract is over. This is something to note if you believe your market is a niche market. You might not be able to get readers to simply find and buy your e-book.

The other thing about this is that if Kindle Direct publishing does find out that you have placed links or promoted from your website, or any place really your royalties will be deducted based on how long your promoted your book.

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