Amazon Prime Music Review from a Kindle Fire HD 7 User and Prime Member

I have always been a big fan of Amazon, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear about the new Amazon Prime Music that was released on June 12, 2014. I began receiving prime services when I was a college student and decided to continue the service because of all the great benefits that come along with it, including free two day shipping, movies and television shows, and Kindle book rentals. I decided to give the latest service a try since I have been relying on Pandora to satisfy my music needs at work for the past few months.

Getting the Music to Play on the Kindle Fire HD 7” I don’t know if it was just me or my Kindle was out of date, but I really struggled to get the music app to update so that I could play the songs I selected from Amazon Prime Music. Every time I added a song to my library, I would launch the app and it was nowhere to be found. I tried several things before going to the Kindle support section of the site to see if my software leer libros en tablet just needed to be updated, although this should have been happening automatically anyway.

After a couple of minutes of downloading, my Kindle Fire HD 7”was ready to go. With much anticipation, I clicked on my music tab and there it was! Finally, all of the songs I had selected showed up and I was able to listen to them. My experience could have just been a fluke and it also could have been my fault for not having a certain setting turned on so that my device automatically updated. If you do run into this problem for some reason, go to the Amazon website from your Kindle and download the most recent software – that should fix the problem.

The Music Selection To be fair, Amazon Prime Music is still a very new feature; therefore, it is not going to have as extensive of a list as some other services are, such as Spotify. Also, you may or may not like the service based on the genres of music you enjoy listening to. For instance, if you like a lot of the top 40 music that is played on pop radio stations, then you may be a little let down. Luckily for me, I enjoy listening to alternative and rock music, as well as some country, older pop, and various other things.

Simply put, I can be satisfied with a wide range of music and that has made me appreciate a lot of songs from across all genres. When I got my first look at the songs available for free through this new service, I was very satisfied. I’ve already read a lot of comprar ebook baratos reviews where people are unsatisfied, but I had no problem clicking on 20 or more songs in just the first few pages I looked at.

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