Blackberry Playbook for 199 vs Ipad 2 for 499 Tablet World

Playbook 2.0 Released – Feb 21 2012 First of all playbook is a great tablet for those interested in the ultimate browsing experience. The browser is actually faster than Ipad 2. Websites launch without much lag on the playbook due to its 1 GB of RAM, while Ipad 2 has only 512 MB of RAM. Playbook has a rich and polished appearance. Its not like other tablets that look filmsy. This is a solid piece of work. It feels perfect in the palms of your hand. An experience that cannot be shared with all tablets and gadgets.

Ultimate Multitasker As such, it seems obvious that Playbook allows for great multitasking potential due to the RAM. Gaming is alot more fun on the Playbook. Try the app NFS Undercover on Playbook to see what I mean. The Apple Ipad 2, unfortunately, does not allow for multitasking.The Playbook allows you to surf the net or blog while listening to your favorite youtube song in the background. The Ipad 2 does not allow for such capabilities.

Personally, I am so used to having youtube videos in the background. I listen to lectures videos while surfing the net. In addition, you can easily download YouTube videos directly to your Blackberry Playbook.To further illustrate the superiority of playbook. Flash works on playbook, while Ipad 2 does not offer flash capabilities. In addition, the Playbook offers the user the option of turning the flash capability off or on. The sound system on playbook is a lot more stereo like.

Ipad 2, unfortunately, sounds monotone in comparison. The playbook has a better screen resolution than the Ipad 2. Also, its easier to carry the 7 inch playbook around than the larger Ipad 2.Note for Blackberry Users However, if you are used to a blackberry, where you often use some of your fingers; then you will find yourself at home with a playbook. Try using it like a blackberry and its quite easy to type faster. However, impossible with Ipad 2 due to its size.

Also, its easier to view detailed documents on the Ipad 2. A benefit attributed to the size of the tablet. Of course, the Ipad 2 has a longer battery life, courtesy of its limited RAM and lack of mutitasking capabilities. The Ipad 2 has 3G wireless capability meaning that you can get a data package specifically for your Ipad 2 device.However, where the Ipad 2 really shines is in the apps department.

There is no comparison. They have great apps. And, I have to admit that the typing experience is easier on Ipad 2 due to the larger screen size.Overall, I really like the playbook with free WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Its a great product. It would be even better if you sync the playbook with your blackberry so you can take advantage of the calendar, contact and email. Playbook is essentially an extension of your blackberry. The integration is seamless; no need for specific native apps.

Playbook 2.0 Released However, for those who have a stand alone playbook. There is good news. On February 21, 2012, Playbook launched its very own calendar, email and contact app. We had a glimpse of the updated software Playbook 2.

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