Hands On Review Lenovo Ideapad Tablet Netbook S10 3T Tweaks and Tips (Part 4)

More Tweaks and Tips for the S10-3t This is the final part of the Hands On Series for the Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t. As mentioned, it started as a single hub, but grew to gargantuan proportions. It kept getting bigger, and bigger, with no end in sight. By the time I’d written everything I wanted to say, it was around 10,000 words total. At that point, it made more sense to break it up into manageable pages. So you have two that are mainly reviews of the S10-3t’s capabilities, and my experiences while upgrading it.

Then there are two pages focusing on exactly how to upgrade an S10-3t in the same manner I had done. Finally, for convenience sake, there’s a page featuring nothing but accessories that can be purchased to upgrade the netbook. Distilled into one single location for easier searching. Click the links in the sidebar to the right for the other pages: Now on to the rest of the tweaks and tips!Irfanview Image Viewer I downloaded Irfanview to use for minor image touch-ups.

Irfanview is a great image viewer with lots of great options. It comes with a thumbnail image cataloguer, which is a simple way to view large collections of images. Plus it allows some simple editing features that are useful for ebaying, hubbing, and blogging. Irfanview has been my favorite image viewer for years. Ease of use and editing make this little freeware program a no-brainer. Being small and resource friendly make it a bit plus on the S10-3t.

CCleaner and other free goodies by Piriform Like any other computer, Lenovo’s netbook tablet computer gets cluttered after a while. Deleted files, temp files, history, cookies, they all start slowing things down after a while. How do you clean a clogged system? CCleaner by Piriform is strongly recommended, and free to download (they do accept donations). Great for cleaning out temporary files that bog computers down over time. It also has a host of other system management features, including the ability to easily change your boot-up software.

I also like the install-uninstall utility. Ccleaner is a must-have. While you’re downloading CCleaner, be sure to check out Piriform’s other free products. They have software to degrag your hard drive, recover lost and deleted files, and give you advanced and detailed system information. All for free.Two great (and Free) Video Players- VLC and Gomplayer VLC media player is a good choice for video, but so is GOM player. I like both. VLC has a unique option that really helps on the S10-3t… the audio control.

One weakness of most netbooks is the speakers. They lack power and oomph. VLC helps by doubling the available audio. You have normal 100%, available through most players.

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