Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet

Sometimes, it seems that there is no limit to what man can do when it comes to mobile phone and computer technology, and the time when the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet got released is one of those times. Samsung has made everything better; it is quite the alternative for the Apple iPad. Here is a comprehensive review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet.What Are Its Features? Just from a glance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very beautiful gadget. It is assembled as perfectly as possible for that firm and luxurious feel.

Its screen is made of gorilla glass for durability. It has a TFT-LCD display, which literary has more dots per inch compared to the first generation iPad. This makes using it quite enjoyable as it’s clear and sharp. Unfortunately, contrary to many people’s expectations, the screen isn’t AMOLED, but it is as good as it is. It is in fact better than most other types. It is also just the right size at 7 inches, making it easily perfect when it comes to portability and use. It isn’t as heavy and as large as many other tablets, so it doesn’t seem a nuisance to carry around.

Holding it is also quite simple, and you don’t have to give up using it after some time out of fatigue. Unlike many other tablets, it easily fits your palms, leaving your fingers free to navigate around pages without having to strain to reach inner parts of the screen. Significant steps have been made in the past when it comes to technological evolution save in the subject of battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet is however, quite convenient.

When running ordinary apps and tasks, and at moderate screen light, it can run for up to 6 hours, quite sufficient time to use. It takes three to four hours to recharge. It also comes with two cameras, a front one, and a back one as well. It makes it convenient to chat face to face and to take great photographs anywhere at any time. It also features a swipe text entry. comprar tablets chinas en españa Other than that, it can be easily turned into a 3G mobile hotspot, which is in fact quite good.

In addition, it also has a memory card slot for extra storage. This comes quite in handy for storing all types of files, especially media files.Speed and Performance With an OS of the Android 4.2.2, it offers quite advanced and great control. It offers you the latest when it comes to the Android world. Compared to other tablets also, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet is quite fast. It is also very responsive, better than previous tablets.

This makes it quite simple to multitask with third party apps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet is also quite great when it comes to quality.

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