Are cheap low cost tablets worth it

Are you someone who’s yet to join the comprar tablets baratas tablet phenomenon but find yourself intimidated by the prices of high end models produced by the likes of Apple, Samsung, Acer, and HP? If so, like most people you’ve probably considered buying a cheap tablet. But just what are you getting yourself into with one of these? In this Hub, you’ll be getting the inside scoop on cheap tablets– what they are, who makes them, and whether they’re worth buying.

What is a budget tablet? A budget tablet is: Any tablet that costs $200 or lower. Any tablet that costs above $200 but at least $50-$100 lower than a high end model with similar specs. For example, the 10″ Le Pan II is a budget tablet, because at $250, it costs significantly less than a 10″ tablet that you would get from Samsung, Apple, HP and most other manufacturers. Who makes budget tablets? Amazon, Coby, Le Pan, PanDigital, and Brainy Trade are just a few companies that have released affordable, low cost tablets.

Notice that Apple is not part of the list. This is because Apple doesn’t make budget tablets. What this means is that if you’re an Apple fan and were hoping to get a tablet with iOS, you’re out of luck. The only O/S available in the cheap tablet market is Android.What are the pros of a lowcost tablet? One of the first things you may wonder when it comes to getting a cheap tablet is what benefits there are to choosing one over a more high end model. Believe it or not, there are quite a few pros.

Let’s look at a few: They’re level entry At some point, you used to have to spend $300 or more for the privilege of entering the tablet world. Thanks to cheap tablets, consumers can now do this without breaking the bank. Larger screen sizes at less cost When it comes to things like screen size, budget tablets give you the biggest kindle bang for your buck. For example, a high end 10″ tablet like the Motorola Xoom would cost you a minimum of $300.

Yet you can pay as little as $180 for the same size screen with the Coby Kyros. Less at stake Nothing is more depressing or annoying than losing or accidentally breaking a cherished gadget. The great thing about low budget tablets is that the loss is a lot less financially and emotionally devastating. When a low cost Android tablet gets snatched or breaks, you only lose $100-$200. But when a high end model gets stolen or damaged, you lose $300-$400, if not more.

Great as a gift for small children Kids, as wonderful as they are, can be careless, clumsy, and irresponsible when handling expensive gadgets. So when they start clamoring for one of their own, you can’t help but panic at the thought of handing over a $350 tablet over to a small child. This is where cheap tablets come in handy. Most young children couldn’t care less about the price or “make” of a tablet– all they want is an electronic toy to play games and watch videos on.

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