Best Hybrid Tablets 2014 A Beginner s Guide

Tablets are fun but they cannot deliver the productivity of a PC. So what is the answer for people who need both and who do not want to haul a sackful of devices around? The answer is to make a package that splits. At least, big PC makers are starting to think this. Microsoft, HP and others have finally decided that the world is no longer going to spin around their clumsy desktop dinosaurs. So the rush is on to produce powerful machines that comprar tablets baratas can switch from tablet to fully featured PC, in a moment — usually by docking the tablet section into a keyboard.

Of course, other, nimbler, makers have been onto this for a while. Asus began shipping the very useful Transformer series in 2011. Lenovo came up with the appealing IdeaPad last year. So where are we in 2014? This page gives an overview of what hybrids are all about and then takes a look at the best devices available right now. Biggest News from CES 2014? Dual OS from Intel It is worth mentioning that one of the most important developments announced at the year’s biggest computing show, CES, will be the roll out of Intel chips designed especially to run fun Android and serious Windows systems with one powerful chip.

Hybrids look like they are here to stay.The Different Types of Hybrid Tablet for BeginnersHybrids can be: Laptop/tablet, the most popular kind Ultrabook/tablet Desktop/tablet Generally, screen and keyboard can be separated. The screen can then be used as a tablet. A few laptop and ultrabook hybrids fold over. Operating Systems Older and cheaper hybrid tablets use the Android operating system. This works well for games, surfing the web and social media like Facebook but does not give you the best productivity options.

The most powerful new hybrids in 2013 use Windows 8 which fully supports touchscreens whilst bringing the productivity of Office and top graphics software. Some products have Windows 8 for the PC setup and Android OS for the tablet. Windows RT is a touchscreen operating system designed for the mobile-orientated, low-power, ARM processors. The problem with RT is that you cannot run software from other Windows OS’s. You need to buy specially written software and apps.

Google is certainly working on a Chrome OS with touchscreen support but it has not surfaced yet. Apple? They are not even running a horse in this race. Maybe, they think a bluetooth keyboard clumsily paired with an iPad is enough.Windows 8 Critics Not everyone loved WIndows 8 when it first launched. The start screen drew special criticism — there was no start button and no familiar way to open Windows programs. It was especially irksome for traditional desktop users but even tablet users complained.

The familiarity of Windows makes innovation difficult. My feeling is that the Windows 8.1 in mid 2013 answered most of the criticisms and the operating system has a lot to offer, including: Fast app switching with intuitive swipes Adjustable key sizes in the virtual keyboard Clutter-free screen with no connection bars, app buttons or other distractions (my favorite feature) The homescreen is simple, functional and does the job!

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