Cheap tablets below 5000

In India popularity of cheap tablets is increasing. New models are coming to the market day by day. This revolution was started by the release of the cheapest tablet aakash to the market. Here I am listing the cheap tablets in India. If you are going to buy a gift for children studying in school, before buying a mobile think about a tablet, as it is a more good option. It can be used for study purpose also. Aakash 2 tablet Aakash tablet was released with only limited number.

But now Aakash 2 tablet is coming to the market correcting the flaws of the previous tablet. It comes with good hardware specifications and Android 2.3. Currently pre booking has started and booking has crossed millions in the first week itself. Now the manufacturing company mejor tablet 10 pulgadas Datawind is distributing the tablet, in the booked order. Its specification are Processor: 800MHz Cortex A8 Processor Graphics processor (GPU) : HD video coprocessor.

OS: Android 2.3 GingerBread RAM: 256MB Screen: 7 inch resistive touch 800×400 resolution. Internal Storage: 2 GB Battery :3200mAh Connectivity : It offers WIFI and GPRS connectivity. It will also support external USB dongles Additional Capabilities : 3 hour battery backup, 2 full USB port, all phone capabilities, Office document support. Pros The main plus point of the tablet is its cheap price. It came to the market with “the cheapest tablet in the world” tag. It offers all methods of connectivity except bluetooth.

GPRS will be useful in rural areas where still other connectivity methods have not reached. Also the presence of video processor will enable the tablet to play even HD videos, so all videos that you can play in your desktop can be played in tablet also. Watching movies will be a good experience. Also the presence of two full USB 2.0 ports makes data transfer using standard pen drives an easy task. Cons To bring all these features in this price surely something has to be sacrificed.

Build quality is less. There is no camera in the device. Resistive touch is not as responsive as capacitive (but you can expect only resistive touch for this price.). In aakash 1 there was overheating problem, not sure whether it is completely solved in aakash 2. nowBSNL Tablet T-PAD IS701R (Price Rs.3499) BSNL has released three Android tablet of different price category and specifications. There is only one model called T-PAD IS701R within the below Rs.5000 price tag.

Surely it will be a competition for aakash tablet, as it is more fast and have some additional features like camera for video calling, but it is lacking some features that is present in Aakash tablet like full USB port, phone functionality etc. Select one based on your requirements. Processor: 1GHz IMAPX210 Processor Graphics processor (GPU) : Vivante GC600 GPU. OS: Android 2.3 GingerBread RAM: 256MB Screen: 7 inch resistive touch 800×480 resolution. Internal Storage: 2 GB NAND Flash Battery :3000mAh Connectivity : It offers WIFI and GPRS connectivity.

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