Could Amazon s Newest Cheaper Kindle Ignite Renewed Interest in Classic Literature

Amazon’s Kindle Is Amazon about to totally change the world of books and reading? Sure, there are other wireless reading devises around, but Amazon is shaking the foundations of reading, creating more interest and demand by lowering the price of the latest Kindle to only $114.00. And there is nothing like lowering prices to grab the attention of even the thriftiest of shoppers. Amazon tripled Kindle sales when they lowered the price of their popular e reader.

Barnes and Noble countered by lowering the cost. Amazon met the challenge by introducing a new improved Kindle at a price that impresses even a traditional book-loving, public library patron like me! English majors take note! With the ever increasing ability to download older, out of copyright books, Kindle may create an upsurge of interest in classic literature by offering books published before 1923 for free! Kindle Improvements The latest version of Amazon’s Kindle is smaller, lighter, and faster than previous models.

At only 8.5 ounces, the newest Kindle weighs less than a standard paperback. But that isn’t all. The new Kindle offers: A new improved high contrast screen with sharper font for easy on the eye reading. Storage capacity for 3,500 titles A battery that holds its charge for a month! Faster page turns A new web browser for WiFi The ability to download a book in one minute Over 670,000 available titles at Amazon 1.

8 million free, older, out of copyright books 80 New York times Best Sellers for only $9.99 Promotional offers of newly released books for free The ability to download periodicalsAre Electronic Devises Dehumanizing? As a lover of traditional books, a person who loves the physical act of browsing through books at a store or library, who loves the feel of a book in my hand, and loves the very sight of a pile of books set on my old steamer trunk in the living room – I was previously not a fan of the new electronic reading technology.

Wireless reading devises seem dehumanizing. Just another electronic gadget in a world that is becoming too dependant on electronic or battery driven devises. And what is so great about a wireless reading devise? You don’t have to plug in traditional books either! In a world where everyone is glued to electronic gizmos – TVs, video games, computers, the Internet, Blackberries, cell phones, iPods, WiFi – it all seemed like too much.

Sure, this stuff is fun, handy, and efficient, but isn’t enough enough? Everybody plugged in and separated from the world, from people. Kids don’t roam the streets or hang out at the malt shop, they connect online. We are how ruled by the latest electronic technology. But! I must grudgingly admit that Amazon is making the whole world of wireless readers more intriguing. Even I am saying ‘Wow!’Classic Litereature For Free! What a boon for English majors and lovers of classic literature.

Imagine being able to download all of Jane Austin’s books in a manner of minutes! All the Bronte sisters’ book, Thomas Hardy, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, the list goes on and on.

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