How to Protect Your Android Cell Phone or Tablet

As with computers, the operating systems of Android cell phones and tablets can be hacked under your nose when you import and install programs. Your personal information can also be compromised. The Android operating system is certainly not immune to these types of intrusions. There are over a dozen different ways that rogue android applications can cause problems. In this article, I go over things you should notice and steps that you can take to prevent yourself from having problems.

I also discuss the usefulness of antivirus and malware prevention programs for andoid operating systems. Lastly, there is a video and discussion of anti-theft applications like Cerberus. All of these measures will show you how to protect your valuable Android cell phone or tablet.Avoiding Malware Tips These are some basic principles of going about using your phone, downloading apps and observing application behavior that will decrease the likelihood of infections or having your personal information compromised: 1.

Avoid downloading any application that has less than a thousand la mejor tablet para jugar downloads. Also check the ratings of users to verify the usefulness and validity of the program. Correspondingly, it is important for you to participate in application ratings for the better good of the android community. 2. Everyone probably knows by now that there are two reliable vendors of android applications, the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Use these sources for downloads of programs as they regularly check for malware. This doesn’t mean that there is a possibility of bad apps still being on their site, as recent history attests. But it does mean that the probability of loading apps containing malware is less. Note that Android phones can also be set to prevent downloading from unknown, or unmoderated, web sites. 3. Don’t just download apps randomly because they are cheap or free. Check out the reviews of the apps online to see if they have features and functionality that you want.

Reviewed programs are a safer bet for your device. 4. Sometimes you can come across apps that may have a little different spelling than the specific app you are looking for. Avoid these apps, as it has been observed that a high percentage of them are malware. 5. When installing an application, observe whether the program requests for permissions that it normally would not need, like sending SMS messages or having access to your system, wifi or your network.

Don’t install programs that request for services that you deem as not essential to the application on your device.Free Android Malware Protection Apps That Work Back in November of 2011, it was found that many of the applications that are in the market don’t cut the mustard for protection of your cell phone. Another study by AV Test was published in March of 2012 that shows improvement in that regard. The study compared the different applications with more than 20 different tests that cover the range of threat-types.

The results indicated that experienced organizations in computer IT do have available programs that help protect against 90% of the threats that exist at the moment.

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