Kindle VS Real Books Will E Books Replace Traditional Books

Reading e books on Kindle or iPad is the biggest thing since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Or is it? The relatively new phenomena of ebooks and the success of Amazon’s Kindle is throwing the world of publishing and reading into a whole new age of controversy and turmoil. Now, I will admit to being the type of person who may seem a bit backward to some, but technologically knowledgeable to my more neolithic type friends.

Like (I suspect) a lot of people, especially Baby Boomers and older folks, I am not a tech head. I do not own a lot of electronic gadgetry, but I am no troglodyte. Instead of plunging kindle 4 into the electric revolution, I pick and choose between convenience and what looks to me like rampant consumerism, attempting to find a middle ground. Sure, I have a cell phone. And understand something of the Internet, but I was just not ready to jump in feet first and plunk out $139.

00 on what can be perceived as a new toy. Now, Amazon is offering a Kindle at a mere $114.00! But I do love books and love to read, and am fascinated with the new wireless reading devices on the market. So far, Kindle seems to be the best ereader out there. But, I am still reading novels the old fashioned way. I decided to share my investigations with you and look forward to your input in the comments section.

Kindle – Several Versions So, when Amazon released Kindle 1st Generation in 2007, I thought that I would wait awhile before I made up my mind about the whole ebook business. But, when Amazon recently claimed to sell 80% more digital books online than hardback books, I decided to find out more about the whole scene. Amazon originally introduced the 1st Generation Kindle in 2007 with a 6′ display screen that cost nearly $400.00 with a 250 MB internal memory capacity, enabling it to hold 200 titles of non-illustrated books.

In 2009, Kindle 2 with its longer battery life, and a thinner body, was able to hold 1500 non illustrated books. You can fit an entire private library in your pocket book! In May of 2009, Amazon released Kindle DX, which can display landscape or portrait layouts when turned sideways! It is like magic. Not only that, but the price of Kindle has come down. In order to compete with Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Amazon reduced the price of Kindle from $259.

00 to $189.00, then to $139.00. Recently, Amazon brought out yet another version of Kindle that sells for only $114.00!The digital text platform of Kindle reduces waste, transportation and delivery costs, and cuts down on cutting down trees. And it’s the perfect union of the literary life and the electronic revolution.