Wacom Beginner Tablets

Top 5 Wacom Tablets for Starting Artists When it comes to switching from drawing traditionally using pen and paper to digital art, the transition can be a bit hard if you do not have the basic knowledge of what kind of a graphics tablet is best for beginners. Digital art is the future, and it is hard to catch up with the latest trends if you only use a mouse to give those digital finishing touches to your drawings, photos and paintings. A good graphics tablet will facilitate any digital drawing and preparation you need to do, and if you buy the right tablet that will be easy to get used to, you probably won’t need to change it for a very long time – or ever.

When it comes to graphics tablets, the leading manufacturer is Wacom – they have a long history of making fantastic tablets for artists that are ideal tools for your digital art endeavors. While there are some excellent graphics tablets made by other manufacturers that have fantastic design and specifications, for a starting digital artist it is still best to stick to Wacom tablets. We will talk in more detail about good Wacom tablets suitable for beginners below, but first we will discuss some basic differences between drawing on paper or canvas, and comprar una tablet buena y barata drawing and editing using a graphics tablet.

Graphics tablet friction When it comes to friction, drawing and editing using a graphics tablet will probably feel very different than doing so by using a pen on paper (or any other technique you generally prefer). This is because the sensitive surface of the graphics tablet is much smoother than paper or canvas, and you will have much less friction to rely on than you would normally. However, there is a number of graphics tablet manufactured by Wacom that have a textured working surface designed specifically to feel like paper.

This is a huge advantage for beginner digital artist as they will not have to get used to working on an almost frictionless surface. Of course, getting used to working on a completely smooth surface is not that hard either, and all it takes is a little bit of practice.Stylus vs. pencil Again, the principle is similar like it was with paper and tablet surface. While a stylus is a really handy thing that actually feels just like a real pencil in your hand, it still doesn’t offer the friction of a simple pencil.

Of course, it is easy to get used to it with a little bit of practice. One advantage of a pen stylus is the fact that it won’t get spent and you don’t need to sharpen it. In case your tablet nibs get a little wear on them, you can buy a really cheap set of replacement nibs. This is where Wacom is fantastic – you can buy all the spare nibs and accessories you feel you will need and most graphics tablet manufacturers do not offer that.Pressure sensitivity Pressure sensitivity is something a beginner artist has to get used to when delving into the realm of digital art.

Each graphics tablet is sensitive to the strength of your input – meaning that depending on the amount of pressure you apply through the stylus, you will get thinner or thicker lines, or different opacity levels.

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