Kindle Fire Tablet Full Color 7 Inch Multi Touch with WiFi

I love technology. Computers, ebook readers, netbooks, and tablets… they’re all endlessly fascinating to me. I’ve owned one of the early Kindles for years, and loved it. But there’s always been something missing. My earliest experience with ebook readers was the converted Gemstars from eBookwise. While primitive by today’s standards, those little devices were seriously ahead of their time. Two features they had that the Kindle lacks are touch screen, and a self-illuminated screen.

Yes, I know why Kindle doesn’t illuminate the screen, and can understand. But I miss the back-lighting. And the touch screen? Now THAT is something I truly miss.About those 2 missing features: Did I say 2 features were missing? Amazon recently announced the release of a new line of Kindles. Now Kindle Touch offers… you guessed it… a touchscreen! I’m stoked. That’s seriously a major upgrade, and well worth the new price lineup.

But wait… there’s more! Yeah, I don’t believe I said that either. Still, this is really cool- the new Kindle Fire has touch-screen (multi-touch, actually) and is BACKLIT! Kindle is now the ebook baratos perfect ebook reader. Only… it’s not an ebook reader any more. More specifically, it’s now much more than an ebook reader. At this point, you might as well just call it a tablet. We’re talking access to 18 million movies and assorted videos, music, and media. Books and magazines, comics, all viewable in stunning color.

The Kindle Fire Tablet So far, we’re only talking about a multi-media device. What qualifies the Kindle Fire to be a full featured tablet? Let me count the ways: Access to the already existing collection of apps from the Amazon Appstore. Thousands of apps and games, and a constantly growing library. Angry Birds, of course. Plants vs. Zombies. One of the coolest things Amazon does is offer a paid app for free every day.

All apps are tested to work with the Fire, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Amazon Silk- Amazon’s custom web browser for super-fast net surfing. Silk duplicates all the functions of a browser on the Fire, and in the Amazon Cloud. Anticipating your needs, optimizing content for your device BEFORE it downloads, it’s an attempt to seriously speed up web access for the Fire. How well will it work? Only time will tell. One thing I like… it supports Adobe Flash Player.

Along with their own custom browser, there’s a built-in email app that imports email from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others. All your email accounts get downloaded into one inbox for convenience. You can import messages and contact lists from other accounts too. Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. Wait, what? Okay, this ones kind of a gimmick. It’s free storage for all the stuff you’ve bought and/or downloaded from Amazon.

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